Creative Residency

Creative Residency

Feeling Creative? 

Are you an emerging composer, improvisor, visual artist, sculptor, videographer, photographer, writer or interdisciplinary artist?  Do you have an idea for a Creative Project that Morningside Music Bridge can help you realize? We are looking for a young creator (12 – 18) to bring their project to Morningside Music Bridge for the July 2023 program. We will provide travel, room and board, creative support and any necessary assistance in mounting the project to the individual submitting a successful proposal. 

It could be workshopping and performing a new composition, executing a documentary film project, creating a non-musical work that comments on, or interacts with, our musical performance. Or it could be something that is completely not on our radar. Feel free to make us stretch our brains. Whatever your discipline – the project should link to Morningside Music Bridge’s values, goals and our talent communityWe will work with the creator to identify and engage specialized support (a teacher, mentor, advisor) as necessary.  

Search our website for information about the program, for past performances and come to us with an outline of your most creative idea.  

Once the project for the summer is identified we will jointly plan how best to facilitate its completion and presentation within the parameters of the Morningside Music Bridge Program. 

Your application must be submitted electronically via Acceptd 

By clicking on the link above, you will be brought to the Morningside Music Bridge landing page on Acceptd.  Applications can select the Creative Residency program from the drop down menu, 'Select Program'.

Please include whatever materials you feel will best allow us to assess your project and a statement outlining why you want to bring your project to Morningside Music Bridge and why we should consider it. 

Application for Creative Residency opens -  December 1, 2022
Deadline for applications to be received - February 15, 2023

For more information contact: 

Paul Dornian 

Executive Director, Morningside Music Bridge