Morningside Music Bridge 2019

After a lively discussion about the pros and cons of moving the program around the world, or establishing a new long-term home, the Board of the Morningside Music Bridge Foundation came down in favor of a long-term home. To that end we are pleased to announce that Morningside Music Bridge has agreed to a Memo of Understanding (MOU) with the New England Conservatory to hold the program there on an ongoing basis beginning in 2019.

MMB students, faculty and staff enjoyed last summer in Boston and gave a strong thumbs-up to Beantown. The school facility worked well with us, and will be further enhanced with the opening of the new cafeteria and residence. The old residence has also just re-opened after renovations to convert the former dorm spaces into 85 new practice rooms. Most importantly, we believe that we have formed a partnership with a world-class Conservatory that shares our values and aspirations.

The MMB Foundation will remain a Canadian Charitable Foundation and we are in discussion with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO) to continue operating the program. Watch for the Live-stream of our annual Morningside Music Bridge concert at the CPO on March 3, featuring faculty member and alumni Ning Feng performing Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto.

Morningside Music Bridge has had the opportunity to hold the program at various locations around the world since severing ties with Mount Royal University. The Central Conservatory graciously hosted our 20th Anniversary in 2016, and many of the MMB family experienced the cultural richness of Beijing for the first time. In July of 2017, the program was held in Boston at the New England Conservatory where we enjoyed a wonderful program with concerts in the historic Jordan Hall as well as the many world-class amenities and activities in the area. This summer, MMB will be held in Warsaw –yet another unique cultural and musical experience – and as an extra bonus, we are taking a small sampling of MMB's musical offerings to Montepulciano, Italy for a pair of concerts midway through the month. 
Thank you for your ongoing support for Morningside Music Bridge. 


Paul Dornian, Executive Director of Morningside Music Bridge 

Andy Chan, Board Chair of Morningside Music Bridge Foundation